How to wash black car – Make a black car shine like glass

A black car is a beautiful sight and it’s not that difficult to maintain. All you need to do is wash the exterior in the right way. This article will teach you how to wash your black car so that it will shine like glass.


9 steps of car washing process

how to wash black car - 9 steps of car washing process

step 1: Get in the car and close all the windows.

step 2: Remove all your items from the car before washing it. You must protect your items as much as you can.

Step 3: Soak up some soap in water and spread it around the car to soften any dirt stuck with any body of water or blood stains on the car.

Step 4: add a bit of vinegar to the water and start washing! Add some more soap into it periodically so that your black car will get a clean surface.


Step 5: if you see any dead bugs or birds on your car, just get rid of them.

Step 6: wash the wheels and tire sidewalls as much as you can with water.

Step 7: use a clean cloth and wipe off any excess soap or water that dripped on the car.

Step 8: enjoy your clean car, wash it once in a month.

step 9: get some wax and rub it on the car. You can also ask any mechanic to do this for you.

Tools you’ll need: how to wash black car

how to wash black car - tools you ll need
  • A sponge.
  • A clean microfiber cloth.
  • Chlorine bleach, 5% bleach.
  • A bucket or a drum.
  • Car wash soap:
  • Water/Washing Soda.
  • Vinegar.
  • Wax.
  • Detailing Soap.
  • Clay and polish(optional).

Black cleaning tips:

There are lots of claims on how to get your black car clean, most of which work if you follow this instructions;


Please do not use baking soda or other gritty cleaners on the black car. Do not use harsh products or chemicals on the car’s paint coatings because they will dull the paint quickly.

To protect your car when washing it, remove all coverings such as seats and hood covers.

Save time and money with our Black Car Wash Kit. The kit contains everything you need to clean your car in one quick sweep.  The kit includes a foam black car wash brush and a bottle of high quality soap. Not only will you get the job done quickly but you’ll be able to do so without any extra trips to the store or using any extra water.

The CAR WASH KIT has been designed to provide you with all the tools you’ll need to effectively clean your car. The foam black car wash brush is a durable and long lasting brush that can stand up to the rigors of a car wash. The soft bristles allow for a gentle application of soap. The black car wash kit includes a bottle of high quality soap that’s specifically formulated for use in the general purpose and clean cars.

general tips for car washing

  • use brushes to remove dirt and debris from the car first.
  • use a bucket or a large container under your hose to collect dirty water.
  • avoid clogging your soap dispenser with dirt and debris; instead, add soap after the water has already been cleaned.
  • keep the pressure high at all times, especially for difficult stains like bird droppings and tree sap.
  • make sure you have plenty of clean rags that can be used as tarp or towels for drying out wet areas of the car.
  • keep your bucket nearby to dump.  always dump your water into the bucket first and then backfill with soap.
  • use a different bucket for each car.
  • use best shampoo or soap .
  • use car wax to avoid water spots.
  • use towels to prevent water from running down onto other areas of the car.
  • never hose the roof, always spray because you can break the windshield if you spray hard enough.
  • do not allow your skin or hair to get into the solution, it can cause irritation and itching.

proper tire inflation procedure

how to wash black car - tire inflation

Black cars are hard to take care of, but if you want them to look their best, there are some essential things that you need to keep up with. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips below on how to wash a black car and make it not just look better, but be healthier too!

*Examine the tires for dirt and debris. You can use a pressure washer or buy an inexpensive tire cleaner at any auto parts store.

*Wipe the fender or trunk with a microfiber cloth.


*Clean the windows, door jambs, as well as inside your car.

*You can use a car vacuum cleaner if you have one to help you clean your car’s interior. While some people use brushes to clean their vehicles, it is better to use a more advanced (and expensive) machine that gets into those hard to reach places.

*Spray the interior with a vinyl cleaner. This is not just to make it look good, but you’ll also greatly extend the life of your car’s interior.

*Keep your car’s dashboard and steering wheel clean, along with any areas that have light switches/buttons in them.

*Take care of any mold on the roof by using a wax cleaner. You can use any of the 3M products to keep your roof looking clear and shiny.

*Use a separate cup to wash your car that is dedicated to that purpose. This will keep dirt and grease away from your drinking water.

*You should use a separate rag for wiping off any spills, and make sure you do this as soon as possible to avoid staining.

*Avoid using a chamois for drying your car. This will damage the paint and could cause dirt to be embedded into its surface which in turn could cause rusting.


Love your car, take care of your car, to get a sparkle like black surface, use the steps above.

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