How much to ceramic coat a truck : with few common questions

This blog post discusses the process of coating a truck with ceramic.


This article is an informational about “how much to ceramic coat a truck”. It is written assuming the reader has little to no knowledge of painting or coating before reading this article, if you have no knowledge of ceramic coats. Don’t worry! We have covered most of the information for you during our blog post.

what are ceramic coatings ?

how much to ceramic coat a truck - what are ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are a very durable type of paint that require very little maintenance. Most ceramic coatings will last the life of the vehicle, requiring only an occasional cleaning. There are many different types of ceramic coatings, this article will refer to ceramic coating.

How to ceramic coat a truck ?

Ceramic coatings are very durable and will last the life of the vehicle, with easy cleaning. The only maintenance that is needed is washing the vehicle, once every few months.

Applying a ceramic coating involves several stages which include applying an adhesion promoter, applying a base coat and top layer paint then curing.


The adhesion promoter is extremely important, as it ensures the base coat will stick to the substrate. After applying the adhesion promoter, apply the ceramic coating and allow it to dry overnight. The next day, a final topcoat must be applied, which will ensure the ceramic coat has a smooth surface and looks good. The final layer must then be cured at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes for nano-ceramic or longer for traditional ceramic coatings.

How much does it cost to ceramic coat a truck ?

Applying a ceramic coating will vary in cost depending on the size of the vehicle and quality of materials that are used. Higher-quality ceramic coatings will cost more than lower quality ceramic coatings. The cost to apply a ceramic coating can range from $2500 to over $5000.

A typical price for ceramic coating is around four thousand dollars (US). This figure can, however, vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle.

what will happen if you don’t ceramic coat ?

how much to ceramic coat a truck - what will happen if you dont ceramic coat
  • vehicle will not be protected from rust.
  • vehicle will have to be acid washed more often.
  • if paint is scratched, the rust undercoat will show.
  • paint on top of vehicle can peel off, exposing corrosion underneath and causing further damage 
  • after time, corrosion will get worse and cause much more expensive repairs than if a ceramic coating was applied in first place.
  • costly repairs can be avoided by protecting vehicle from corrosion with a ceramic coating.

what will happen if you do ceramic coat ?

  • paint will last longer and stay looking great for more time.
  • Repairs will not need to be done as often or at higher cost.
  • Rutess undercoat won’t show through .
  • paint on top of vehicle won’t peel off and expose corrosion underneath.
  • rust on vehicle can be removed in small areas with a wire brush or grinding tool, which is much easier than removing.

Ceramic coatings are one of the most common methods used to protect metal and plastic parts of car, trucks and boats from corrosion. The coating does not change the color or appearance of the part, but instead adds a layer of protection against rust. CERAMIC COATING is a class A 

carcinogen. Studies have shown that ceramic coatings damage DNA in laboratory animals, so ceramics should be used only as a preventative measure.

Ceramic coatings are used on external metal surfaces of cast iron and aluminum, such as front and rear bumpers, grills, bumper covers, hoods and headlights. These surfaces are subjected to a lot of weather conditions with the potential to cause extensive rusting at the microscopic level. Use on these parts enhances the visual appearance of your vehicle and protects it from future rusting.


Ceramic Coatings can not be applied to plastic parts or painted surfaces. They can only be applied to metal parts.

How long does it take ceramic coating to cure on a truck ?

Ceramic coating is a thin, hard shield that protects the surface beneath it. Much like paint, ceramic coating has to dry before you can use your car again. Chemicals inside the coating react to oxygen and water molecules in the air and turn into a hard protective layer (a process called curing).

Ceramic coating takes about five hours to cure on an average car, but it can vary depending on various factors such as ambient temperature and humidity. A car can get wet, but it must be dried off immediately if it gets wet. The coating does not protect against water damage to the paint underneath.

The curing time depends on humidity, temperature and air circulation, so the same ceramic coating will take longer to cure in a humid or hot area at high altitude than it would in arid desert climate at sea level.

We recommend waiting a maximum of 24 hours before washing your car to allow the coating to cure properly.

Can you drive your car after ceramic coating ?

Ceramic coating is a great way to protect your car’s metal surfaces and make it shine but some people have wondered whether they can drive their cars after the process.

how much to ceramic coat a truck

While we recommend that you let your vehicle rest and cool off before driving, many drivers are still tempted to take off as soon as they get home. To answer this question, we’ll examine each of the major components on different parts of your vehicle, explain what happens during the coating process, and give our recommended time frame for driving post-coating.


Can ceramic coating be done in 1 day ?

Ceramic Coating can be done in 1 day. Some shops will tell you that you have to leave your vehicle with them for 5-6 days. This is not true at all. If you have gone to a professional shop, they should be able to finish the job in one day.

It will take approximately 8-10 hours to complete the process on a standard sized car. The first two or three hours will be used for the application process. You can expect the process to take about 2-3 hours to complete.

How long after ceramic coating can I drive?

We recommend that you let your vehicle rest and cool off before driving. But, if you have to take off right after your ceramic coating, please do the following: drive at a reasonable speed stopping slowly if necessary; allow some time for the ceramic coating to dry; do not get water splashed on the surface but only use a soft towel to wipe away any remaining water. The cooling of the vehicle is critical in allowing a strong bond between the product and your vehicles surface.

What happens during the ceramic coating process?

The process of applying ceramic coating to your vehicle is called “Ceramic Coating”. The coating is applied and cured by a Chemically Modified Polysaccharide resin. The resin, when cured, hardens and forms a surface which will accept paint. This coating is not water proof, but it can be sealed with a sealer if desired.

What are some of the benefits of ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating can be used as a protection against:

  • Scratches.
  • Chipping/Peeling Paint Work.
  • Corrosion.
  • Rust.
  • UV Damage.

What are the different types of ceramic coating?

There are two main types of ceramic coating available today. The two types are polyester and polyurethane. The polyester contains no acrylic, hardeners or no fillers or extenders. It is only a polysaccharide resin system. This type of coating is easy to apply and less expensive but it lacks durability and some users feel that it looks cheap after a few years. The polyurethane product on the other hand contains fillers and hardeners. This type of coating is more expensive, but it is more durable, tougher and it looks great after a few years. The two types also come in clear or pearl color finishes. Clear coatings will hide dirt and minor scratches while the pearl offers a high gloss detail that makes your vehicle look like new.

What to expect when ceramic coating ?

The process of applying ceramic coating to your vehicle is called “Ceramic Coating”. The coating is applied and cured by a Chemically Modified Polysaccharide resin. The resin, when cured hardens and forms a surface which will accept paint. This coating is not water proof, but it can be sealed with a sealer if desired.

How to remove ceramic coating ?

Most dirt and water can be removed with a damp cloth by applying gentle pressure. There is a possibility that some hard water spots on your car will need to be buffed off. If this is the case, we recommend using polishing compound to gently “cut through” the paint.

Please see the section on removal below.

Why is ceramic coating a better option than paint?

Ceramic coating has the following benefits over paint:

Much better appearance – Ceramic coating is a glossy finish that hides scratches and restores gloss to your vehicles surface. Paint will eventually fade, scratch and become dull over time.

Protection – Ceramic coating protects your vehicle against rust, corrosion, oxidation and UV damage. Paint does not offer protection from these harmful elements.

Easy to apply – Ceramic coating is easy to apply with minimal dust and it dries in under an hour. Paint application is a messy and time consuming process.

Long lasting – Ceramic coating lasts much longer than paint. Mirrors can be ceramic coated to last for years and cars can be coated for around 50 years with proper care and maintenance.

Why should I ceramic coat my mirrors?

The mirrors on your vehicle are exposed to sun, heat and moisture. They take quite a bit of abuse and they will fade, crack and turn cloudy over time. The best way to protect the mirrors on your vehicle is to coat them with ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating will protect the surface of your mirrors against scratches, peeling, fading, cracking and clouding.

Visibility – Mirrors should always be in a clear and changeable state. This means that they should not be cracked, cloudy and flaking.

Durability – Mirrors are made of glass and they can crack and break if not properly cared for. Therefore, it is important to protect them with durable protective coating.

Appearance – Mirror coating makes the mirrors look like brand new ones again. This will result in a safer driving experience and increase the value of your vehicle safety wise.

Will the coating wear off over time?

Ceramic coatings are very hard, durable and long lasting. They are designed to last for years and decades with proper care, routine maintenance, and correct application process.

For those who wish to remove the coating, we recommend the use of a spray off all cleaners. This will leave no residue or damage to your vehicle.

What is the difference between clear coat and pearl?

Clear coatings are available in both pearl and clear. The pearl has a pearl-like look and feel while the clear gives a smooth and glossy finish with almost zero reflection.

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