Can a Tesla Go Through a Car Wash? Here’s What You Need to Know

There are few things more frustrating than walking out to your car only to find that it has been scratched in the parking lot. While scratches to the body of the vehicle can usually be buffed out, scratches and dents on the paint can be quite costly to fix depending on their severity, so some drivers are wondering if it’s possible to go through a car wash with their Tesla without damaging its smooth and shiny finish.

As you might expect, it’s not recommended that drivers go through a car wash with their Tesla if they are particularly concerned about protecting its pristine exterior. While it may be tempting to run your car through an automatic car wash in order to save time and money, these types of facilities can prove quite rough on vehicles. The brushes used to clean your vehicle might scratch its exterior and break up embedded dirt or grime rather than remove them. 

These types of things can lead to other issues as well, including water spots and fogging on your windshield as well as soap residue that could cause damage when left untreated for too long.

Is Tesla so fun to drive?

Is Tesla so fun to drive?

Absolutely magnificent ! Tesla is so fun to drive! With its zero-to-60 in under 3.5 seconds and never needing to stop at a gas station, it’s hard not to smile every time you get behind the wheel of your Model S.  But if you live in a colder climate, there’s one question on your mind: How do I keep my car from getting dirty? Thankfully, all that running water isn’t necessary thanks to our wax-free paint job.

However, Tesla recommends washing your car with soap and water before driving it for the first time – that’ll remove any dirt or protective oils left over from manufacturing.

Can you take your Tesla to the car wash?

Tesla advises against taking your car through an automatic car wash because the harsh brushes can cause scratches in the paint. But if you’re feeling adventurous and want to give it a try, you may want to stop first and see what other people have done before. 

We reached out to some Tesla owners who had gone through an automated car wash with their Model S or Model X and they told us that they had not noticed any damage to their car’s finish after going through. It is possible that the Tesla is more resistant to water than other cars. 

Mr. Jhon Tesla car owner said

“Tesla has always been water resistant so I think its just as well-built as any other cars I’ve owned. If you still want to be cautious and avoid possible damage, consider using a touchless car wash facility which will use jets of water instead of brushes”

That way, you can be sure that there will not be any brush contact with your vehicle. Another option is to have it hand-washed by professionals. But if you want to go through an automated car wash, be prepared for some water spots after washing. 

Tips: After washing, you’ll want to make sure that you dry your vehicle thoroughly. You don’t want water spots left behind on your car’s finish or you’ll risk water etching and causing further damage. But if you’re feeling adventurous and think that an automatic car wash won’t cause any damage, it might be worth taking your Tesla through for a spin just to see how it handles!

However; many reputable body shops advise against driving a Tesla into an automatic carwash – and rightfully so. The pressure from the high-powered spray guns can strip away adhesives used to attach protective film coatings and masking tape which are often found on new vehicles from the factory. 

Tesla recommends cleaning your car at home with these methods instead: 

  • soap & bucket ,
  • power washer ,
  • auto scrubber machine ,
  • exterior clay bar ,
  • microfiber towels ,
  • wax/polish combo,
  • buffing machine ,
  • interior vacuum  .

Variety effective ways to wash your tesla car 

For normal cars, it’s usually okay to wash your car at home or in public. However, there are risks associated with washing your Tesla Model 3 or any other EV through a drive-through car wash because of some of their features. This means you have limited options for safely washing your vehicle. However, there are things you can do to make sure you don’t end up with damaged panels or fine details on your tesla model S, model X or Model 3.

Hand wash

Hand wash

A lot of people find that hand washing is the safest option for getting dirt and debris off their Tesla. To hand wash your car, use a bucket and soap as well as  to scrub away grime from tight areas like around wheel wells and door handles. There’s also no need to worry about scratches on the door panel when you’re using this technique; just be careful not to overuse pressure when scrubbing those hard-to-reach places. 

It will take more time than if you were using a hose, but it’s worth the peace of mind. Some people prefer to use dish soap instead of regular car shampoo since they believe it leaves a better finish without leaving behind extra suds or residue.

Another good idea is wiping down windows, mirrors and headlights with damp cloth after each wash session so that they don’t accumulate dust while drying

Waterless car wash

Waterless car wash

One of our favorite new car wash methods is a waterless wash. Waterless car washes use all-natural cleaning agents to strip dirt and grime away, which means there’s no need to worry about using too much pressure that can end up scratching your EV’s panel. 

They’re also better for the environment because they don’t require water, which makes them good for both you and mother nature!

We love both its quality of finish and how good it smells, especially when compared with other waterless washes.  You may also notice that your Tesla Model 3 or other EV looks like new again – a result of being completely free from harmful chemicals. The best part about the waterless car wash is that it works in seconds, making it an ideal way to clean your electric vehicle before heading into work or heading out on a road trip.

And lastly, we recommend investing in a good microfiber towel to dry and buff your car post-wash as this helps get rid of excess dirt leftover from rinsing (especially important for keeping glass free of streaks). so that you’ll avoid washing twice, which would result in unnecessary wear and tear on the bodywork by continuously wetting one area again and again.

Touchless car wash

Touchless car wash

The touchless car wash is another popular method, and it works by using water mixed with all-natural cleaning agents.  These cleaning agents work effectively by stripping off dirt and grime with micro-bubbles created from brushing your electric vehicle down with a sponge or towel while taking care not to apply too much pressure on panels.

Also These cleaning agents do an excellent job of gently removing dirt and grime from hard to reach areas, as well as detailed parts. They’re also good for getting rid of dust and pollen.  It’s best to avoid using soap in these types of washes because they can strip away wax protection over time, which in turn causes you need to keep going back more often.

Other than using water, traditional washes are also useful because they have high-pressure hoses that blast dirt off panels and wheels. They’re often equipped with drying technology that helps dry off cars much faster than how you’d do it at home. However, Touchless car wash is an automated car wash system  that doesn’t require any human touch. This type of car wash is a great alternative to waterless and hand-washing as it is gentler. 

This type of automated car wash system has three different options: Wet, Dry, and Cleaner. Wet mode uses water mixed with cleaning agents that create microbubbles that remove dirt from your electric vehicle’s surface. Dry mode uses brushes, spinners, rollers and wipers to remove dirt from your car’s surface using just air power. Cleaner mode takes the place of any traditional car wash detergent or cleaner.

How to Wash Your Tesla car Safely – Hand wash Method


Can a Tesla Go Through a Car Wash?  Yes, Tesla cars are one of the most expensive models on the market, so it’s understandable that people want to protect their investment. Thankfully, you don’t need to avoid car washes for this purpose. You just need to find the right type of car wash for your Tesla. 

One option is an eco-friendly electric vehicle car wash, which will only use about a quarter of the water and chemicals used in traditional high volume vehicle cleaning stations . Another option is using a self-service station where you can clean your own vehicle without assistance from an attendant or handout materials like buckets and sponges . 

Ultimately, whether or not your Tesla can go through a car wash comes down to what kind you’re willing to try out.

FAQ : Can a Tesla Go Through a Car Wash? Most common Questions

Q: Should I hand wash my Tesla?

A: The type of car wash can be important. Pressure washers, like those found at gas stations and some automatic car washes, may damage your vehicle’s exterior finish. The most effective way to clean the outside of your Tesla is to use a sponge or soft cloth with soapy water and then rinse it with clear water. For other parts of your vehicle that cannot be reached by hand, you can use an ordinary garden hose or bucket with soapy water and rinse off any soap residue with clear water. 

Q: Can I use a drive-through car wash for a Tesla Model S?

A:  Most automatic car washes are safe for Tesla models if they are designated as touchless or have no brushes inside. However, pressure washing and high pressure sprayers should never be used on a Tesla because the powerful force of these machines could lead to surface scratches. So, what is the best way to maintain the paint job? Regularly wipe down your Tesla using a dry microfiber towel in order to remove dirt particles. Use a separate towel or rag when you’re cleaning around window edges and seams, which often trap dirt and debris. You should also detail your Tesla every six months or once per year depending on where you live – this ensures that dirt doesn’t build up between waxes, reducing wear from abrasion from stones and gravel roads in particular.

Q: Can you take your Tesla to a regular car wash shop ?

A: Tesla recommends using only touchless or no brush types car washes. Avoid low pressure sprays and power washers. If it is necessary to use a manual car wash, always start at the top and work your way down, ensuring that all surfaces are thoroughly rinsed before moving on to the next step. Be aware of sensitive areas such as air intakes, door handles, hinges, mirrors and wipers. Remember that there are oils present on the skin and hands that will cause stains over time. Always carry out a quality pre-wash inspection before entering the car wash to make sure there is nothing present on the bodywork which could be lost during the process.

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