6 Best car phone mount for thick cases in 2022

If you have a thick phone case, you may find that it makes it impossible to use your car’s built-in mount to secure your phone while you’re driving. Luckily, there are ways to overcome this obstacle and make sure your phone stays safe and secure in your vehicle at all times. 

First, you’ll need to consider a car phone mount that includes an adjustable clamp. Many phone mounts are made to fit all cases up to a certain size, but if your case is particularly thick, you may need something more versatile. An adjustable clamp will allow you to secure your phone with or without its case. If it’s important that your phone be protected while driving, make sure it can be secured with its cover on!

Read our review so we  will help you to find the Best car phone mount for thick cases on the market today !

Why does the thick case matter?

For those with bulky cases on their phones, it’s impossible to find a mount that allows you to have a clear view of your phone while driving. Even worse, some of these mounts require you to remove your phone from its protective cover. If you prefer leaving your case on, it’s important that you choose a mount that will accommodate your specific needs. Otherwise, you’ll be left frustrated and vulnerable in dangerous situations.

A good car mount is just as important as a protective case. It not only keeps your phone visible so you don’t miss any calls or notifications, but it also keeps you focused on driving. If you have a nice cover on your phone and like keeping it in place while driving,  mounts use a large adhesive to secure themselves to your dashboard as well as vent .

Buying guide: Some tips to know before buying a car phone mount

If your case is thick, it might not be possible to use a standard phone mount. You should also think about where in your vehicle you want to place your mount before deciding what kind of holder will work best for you.

Here are some tips to know before buying a car phone mount:

Check if your case is compatible with a mount: The first thing you should do when shopping for a car phone mount is to check if your case will fit in it. If you have a thick case, then it might not be possible to use a standard phone mount. You should also think about where in your vehicle you want to place your mount before deciding what kind of holder will work best for you. 

Consider how using your phone: There are many different types of car phone mounts available today, so it’s important that you think about how and where you’ll be using your device before making a purchase decision. For example, if you plan to use your phone as an in-car GPS unit, then you should consider purchasing a mount with a built-in charger. Similarly, if you want to listen to music or podcasts while driving, then look for one with an audio port. If safety is most important to you when choosing a mount, consider buying one with additional features such as 360 degree rotation or multiple viewing angles. 

Think about what material will work best in your vehicle: Many people make the mistake of buying a cheap plastic mount only to find out that it doesn’t fit well in their vehicle or falls off easily while driving down the road. To avoid making such a costly mistake, think about how you want to use your phone and where you want to place your mount before deciding on a specific model. 

Consider other features and accessories: There are many different types of car phone mounts available today, so it’s important that you think about how and where you’ll be using your device before making a purchase decision. For example, if you plan to use your phone as an in-car GPS unit, then you should consider purchasing a mount with a built-in charger. Similarly, if you want to listen to music or podcasts while driving, then look for one with an audio port.

6 Best car phone mount for thick cases : Car Phone Holder Magnetic

1. Kenu Airbase Pro Car Phone Mount for Dashboard and Windshield

The Kenu Airbase Pro Car Phone Mount allows drivers to keep their smartphone within view and reach while staying safe on the road. This car mount attaches securely to either your dashboard or windshield using a powerful suction cup. A flexible arm holds any size phone up off of surfaces so it won’t slip out while driving, while still letting users adjust its position easily without tools from horizontal viewing angles to vertical angles for navigating maps hands-free with just one hand on the wheel. This innovative car phone mount features an airbag design that protects against side impacts as well as sticky gel pads for holding devices in place safely.

With this new grip into our Android and iPhone car holder, the Kenu Airbase Pro it will securely attach to your dashboard or windshield. This airbase pro extends up to 3.6 inches wide so it’s suitable for large phones such as Otterbox and Lifeproof cases!

A remarkably smooth ball-and-socket joint allows the phone to be positioned at any angle, keeping the screen safely in view as one of the most versatile car accessories on the market. Kenu Airbase Pro features 360° Pivot – turn your device around so you can switch between portrait and landscape modes with ease. No other car mount offers such a complete range of movement while keeping everything secure during those bumpy rides down country lanes.

It’s sleek, compact design blends perfectly with today’s most popular vehicle interiors including luxury sedans and SUVs. Airbase Pro features a minimalist pedestal design which puts it closer to the driver giving them more space around the steering wheel while still allowing room for items such as keys and coins in between their leg and Airbase Pro.

  • Well designed
  • quality is great
  • easy to use
  • won’t fall
  • Worked for about 5 months

2. Nite Ize Steelie Orbiter Dash Mount Kit

Mounting Technology For Your Car Dash. Nite Ize Steelie Orbiter Magnetic Phone Mounting System uses magnet technology to mount your phone. No sticky adhesive pads, no broken suction cups – just hold it up against the steel disk and feel as if you’re sticking it on yourself. The Steelie Universal Magnetic Phone Holder utilizes magnetic force with our patented Orbit Technology combined with a thin metal plate that attaches discreetly behind most mobile devices making them magically stick securely to any metal surface including cars, refrigerators, filing cabinets or any other metal object for which mounting options are limited. 

The Nite Ize Steelie Magnetic Dock is compatible with all devices equipped with a flat back and reinforced protective cases including Otterbox, Lifeproof, Life Case, CaseMate PopSocket® compatibles among many others.

This kit contains everything you need to mount your phone safely and securely on your car’s dash. For even more security, combine this with our Steelie Magnetic Phone Case + Car Mount for complete protection against damage during crashes or sudden stops. Mounting your phone in plain view makes it easier than ever to access information like maps, traffic reports, contact numbers–without any distracting glances down at the touch screen while driving.

  • Mount is so simple and effective
  • phone is secure at any angle
  • It works so well
  • worth it
  • no cons it has

3. ORIbox Car Phone Mount, Dashboard Car Phone Holder

The ORIBox car phone mount offers an affordable way to keep your cell phone secure while driving. With a 360 degree rotation, this holder is compatible with most smartphones on the market and attaches easily onto any air vent slats within seconds. To install, first clean the bottom surface of your dashboard where it will be placed before applying adhesive tape strips provided to hold it securely in place. Once installed properly, please wait 24 hours before placing any electronic device on top of it.

ORIbox is the best mount holder ever. You no longer have to worry about mounting any of your devices while driving. ORIBox has you covered with this telescopic arm that extends from 3.8 inches up to 6 inches, giving you the ability to pivot your device up or down for optimal viewing height without blocking anyone’s view while driving around town in your car.

Stay connected while driving with this convenient car mount holder. Simply snap your phone into place and attach the ORIbox Car Phone Mount to any dashboard up to 3.5 inches wide. With its flexible arm, you’ll be able to adjust the width that ranges from 2-3 inches in order for it fit securely on your dashboard without slipping out of place.

  • Amazing phone holder
  • easy to use and holds phone great
  • you can use it with no issues
  • worth it
  • no cons it has

4. Kenu Airframe Pro | Universal Vent Car Phone Mount

Never lose sight of the road while driving again with Kenu Airframe Pro. Never fumble around looking for your phone when it’s time to pull over, search Google Maps directions, or send that important text message. Simply mount Airframe Pro onto any type of vent within seconds and grip securely onto your Android or iPhone device with our universal grip design which fits most smartphones up to 3.6.

extends up to 3.6 to support larger smartphones and phablets with up to 6 inch screens (diagonal), and over-sized cases. It also offers QuickSnap technology which securely clips onto the air vents of most cars, trucks, vans and RVs without adhesives or suction cups. Airframe Pro’s flexible design provides easy installation in any vehicle.

With its ultra-compact design, this mount doesn’t take up much space and can fit in any pocket making it perfect for travel or rental cars. The lightweight body of the mount means you’ll barely notice it’s there while still holding onto your device tightly so you don’t have to worry about sudden movements causing any damage. Fitting securely into most vents, just turn on Bluetooth tethering before connecting via Airframe Pro’s magnetized base plate.

  • simple, lightweight, keeps phone cool due to vent mounting
  • vent slats easy install.
  • Pivot sticks out enough to move phone well.
  • It can rotate so your phone can be horizontal or vertical
  • That is quite disappointing

5. Koomus Pro Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Koomus Pro Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder is innovative and easy installation on any CD slot. It features a 360 degrees rotatable cradle-less mount design which allows the user’s phone to rotate along with the direction of the car windshield without blocking the sight when driving . There are 2 grips available for different thicknesses of phone or tablet. You can install this magnetic holder easily in seconds without using any tools because it does not require suction cup, adhesive mat or screwing onto dashboard.

The Koomus Pro Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder is perfect for any situation. Whether it’s around town or out on the open road, this cradle-less car mount holder delivers hassle free mounting which can be done in just seconds! The Koomus Pro Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder has been crafted from high quality ABS plastic with a sleek design that will look good mounted to any vehicle dashboard while holding onto most smartphones securely.

  • easy and simple to move
  • High-quality materials
  • Strongest magnetic
  • Very firm ball-head adjustability so it points where you want it
  • it won’t hold well when using a case

6. BIXUAN Car vent Mount Phone Holder

BIXUAN Car Vent Mount Phone Holder is the perfect car accessory. It has a magnetic clip that attaches to any vent and rotates 360 degrees for viewing in portrait or landscape mode, with an adjustable arm for easy reach of your smartphone even when on charging cradle. This universal mount will fit most smartphones including Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Google Pixel XL etc., making it suitable to be used as GPS navigation device while driving without risk of distraction.

Keep your phone within easy reach while driving with this universal car mount holder. The magnetic suction base attaches securely to any air vents in your vehicle, and the telescopic arm extends up to 8 inches (20 cm). It even accommodates most cases as it holds phones up to 11 mm thick. No Worries. Even if you drive over bumps or rough terrain .

  • Easy to install
  • Phone mount arrived 2 weeks
  • works very well.
  • worth it
  • no cons it has

Why is the car phone mount important?

Car mounts are important because they give us a hands-free way to use  smartphones while  driving. This means that instead of having to hold your phone and take your eyes off of the road, you can mount it in your car and just talk or text while you drive. Some newer models also allow you to charge your phone on-the-go with a cable connected directly to an outlet in your car. This means that if you were running low on battery, or forgot to bring along a charging cable, you could still power up easily before hitting the road. 

There are many different styles and models available for every type of car and smartphone out there,  but we’re going to focus on a few of our favorites here. The first is a mount that works with any phone and any case. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting a special case just to use your mount. It also means that if you ever upgrade your phone, or get a new one (or sell yours), you can just buy another mount and be ready to go in minutes. 

Another great option is one designed specifically for iPhones . These mounts attach directly to your air vents so they won’t take up much space at all on your dashboard, but still give you easy access when you need it.

Is it worth it to buy a car mount for a thick case?

The short answer is yes, it’s definitely worth it. When you have a thick case, finding a quality car mount can be tough because many of them won’t fit thicker cases. That said, when you invest in a good mount that fits your thicker case properly, you’ll save yourself from constantly trying to adjust your phone and fumbling with where to place it in your car. It’ll also help keep your device cleaner by securing it so there’s less movement inside of your car. You won’t need to worry about holding onto it as much either which should make things easier on both you and any passengers that are with you as well as anyone behind you while driving.

While there are a number of affordable options that can work well with thicker cases, it’s still smart to check out what you’re buying before you make your purchase. Do some research online and look at different mount reviews to learn more about what other consumers have said about different products. when you find your best product while you research for more , then you should definitely buy that one !

FAQ: Best car phone mount for thick cases

Q: Why do my car mounts have to have suction cups?

A: There are 2 types of car mounts available on the market. Suction cup mount and Magnetic mount. Suction cup mount works by attaching via suction cups to your phone case or tempered glass screen. Magnetic mount which is more stronger and safer compare to most of suction cup mounts attached via magnetic force.

Q: How can I avoid the suction cup move when driving my car?

A: You can avoid it by sticking the suction cup directly to your dashboard, so that when you drive, the whole car is moving rather than just moving around in a very small space.

Q: How do I install a magnetic mount? What is the best way to affix it to my phone or case?

A: The magnetic mount installation is easy. There are 2 parts plus a cable, the main magnet and adhesive metal plate. Please apply the metal plate to your phone back, set up your phone and make sure it’s just slightly loose, that way when you stick the main magnet with some super adhesive to the metal plate, you will have a tight fit.

Q: What is the most important factor to consider when choosing a car mount that fits my iPhone?

A: There are 2 main things to consider when choosing the car mount that fits your iPhone. Firstly, how wide the device is. Secondly, the thickness of the case. This means if you have a waterproof case, you need to make sure that your mount is quite thick so it can properly secure your phone.

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